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SAVE THE DATE: 3rd Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience, January 16-17, 2021


Experience the wellness culture and exquisite natural outdoor lifestyle of

Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades on Florida's Paradise Coast.

Peggy Sealfon has helped bring together a community's wellness culture, 

blending its robust natural resources with fine resorts, hotels and

health & wellness practitioners to

offer a world-class wellness destination to kick-start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What you'll find:

Natural pristine beaches sprawling along the Gulf of Mexico

Magnificent sanctuaries to explore in Big Cypress, the Everglades, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, and more

A unique tropical environment conducive to healthy, outdoor activities

World-class resorts and hotels, catering to the wellness traveler

Wellness practitioners and businesses that offer life-changing experiences

Healthy eateries that bring fine dining through quality nutritional foods, many offering novel tastes in vegan and organic foods

A safe, clean place to revitalize, restore, relax and revel in amazing ways to feel great!

A magnificent place that is a Blue Zones Project

and, f
or an unprecedented 4th consecutive year,

the Paradise Coast has been recognized as #1 on the well-being index studied by Gallup Sharecare. Visit the happiest, healthiest place in the country!



Watch the video on the 1st Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience

a first-ever county-wide initiative with over 40 fun, adventurous activities


The 3rd Annual Paradise Coast Wellness Experience

takes place January 16-17 2021


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