It's pretty easy to get out of balance, feel tired, overwhelmed, unfocused and unable to perform. In this blog, I'm sharing an excerpt from a talk I gave at the World Conference of the United States Professional Tennis Associaton on how to "Improve Performance With Cutting-Edge Strategies to Enter the Zone on Command."  As part of the presentation, I discussed the three key energy vampires that can throw you out of balance and destroy your performance in a tennis competition...and in life. The first step in managing these human vulnerabilities is to be aware of them.  The video is under 5 minutes!  

For solutions to re-energize and re-focus, try my 3-minute audio here.  To understand how to access the zone, read my blog:  How to Improve Your Tennis--Here Are the Ultimate Secrets.  If you're interested in learning more, I offer one-on-one coaching, sports performance workshops and presentations throughout the United States.  Email me at Peggy@PeggySealfon.com