Here's What I Do When I'm Tired of Feeling Tired

By Peggy Sealfon, Personal Development Coach

My big key is awareness and finding specific options that
work for my lifestyle.


More than I want to admit, I run out of energy. It's sneaks up on me. Normally I have amazing stamina and I'm a relentless doer supporting many clients all over the world and engaged in a multitude of projects and programs. However, there are influences in my personal life that sometimes cause me to feel exhausted. Guess what?

Being tired is a human condition. I use it as a red-flag signaling me to "Slow Down," "Take A Break," "Take Stock." I could share some of my personal sagas but instead, I'd like to give you a sample of what I do when I feel my gas tank is on empty.

1. Not Enough Sleep? Everyday I log my sleep hours on a tracking device so I know if I've slacked on getting my necessary hours. It just helps to reinforce what I "know" but motivates me to take action. When I notice any deficiency, I take 20-30 minutes to practice Integrative Relaxation. I use one of my own CDs and it's best if I can do it first thing in the morning. (You can try a free sample here.) But if I don't have time early, I carve out some period during the day.

It's worth making the "time-out" a priority because I know when I take 20 minutes, I get back more focus, more energy and more of an ability to expand the time I have for that day. In other words, I try to prevent exhaustion before it actually occurs. But I'm not always effective.

2. Change in Schedules. My life partner often has very early hours which forces me to arise earlier than is good for my biorhythms. When I know he has to get up early, I work hard to get to bed even earlier than usual in order to compensate but it doesn't always work out so smoothly.

3. So if my sleep hours are compromised, I make sure I eat healthfully. Sleep deprivation makes us crave sugars and carbs which are detrimental to our ability to cope, focus or function optimally. So to avoid feeling adrenal burnout, I watch my food intake. I also make sure I hydrate.

I confess I'm a big snacker so I make sure I opt for nutrient-dense snacks that still satisfy my cravings. This is my "go-to" list: 8+ Healthy Foods To Satisfy The Munchies

4. Refreshing Breaks Throughout the Day. Depending on the day and the activities or commitments I have, I make sure I do one of the following: Meditation, Yoga or Aerobic Exercise. NEck_Stretch_1_A-Activate_crayon.jpg

Sometimes I'll incorporate more than one. Even taking a mind retreat for a few minutes of meditation every few hours helps me stay sharper and feeling better. I'll close my eyes, do some deep breathing and do NOTHING for 2 minutes or more. Or I'll do some stretches, take a walk or a bike ride. On an optimal day, I'll get to play tennis or golf.

5. I pay attention to reactions I have to life's everyday triggers. A friend might say something inflammatory or I'll get cut off in traffic or some women mindlessly blocks the aisle with her shopping cart in the middle of the supermarket or some tragic news item comes across my screen. I'll notice my default reaction into anger, annoyance or sadness and I work to change those responses.

Those negative emotions are exhausting and I know I have a choice. I can get annoyed or I can choose not to sweat the small stuff (and everything is small stuff). I breathe out the irritation and switch to the reality of the present moment thinking "I'm happy. I'm healthy. I love my life" or I'll silently recite my personal affirmation which is: I'm expanding my awareness and aligned with abundance.

6. If I'm not managing my stress levels well enough, I may feel like I'm getting a cold or the flu. So I'll amp up my vitamins (adding more to my morning smoothie to make it easier) and I take some drops of Colloidal Silver which is an immune booster. In addition, I often take Umcka, a natural homeopathic product that also works with the immune system to help support the body's own natural defense mechanisms.

I'm not suggesting that you do what I do. Check with your healthcare provider, life coach, or experiment for yourself. My hope is that my process inspires you to develop your own and that you become more mindful about your state of health. We need to take care of ourselves first and foremost. If we aren't being attentive and kind to ourselves, we will feel empty and miss life in many ways.

music.jpgConsider that you cannot hear an exquisite piece of music without the "rests" of notes in between. Without the spaces, the music would be overwhelmingly chaotic. So we can create our own crazy tunes or our own beautiful music.

We can give up the fatigue and choose to be full of energy and content. Go on and get yourself a full tank!