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It's been known for centuries that specific frequencieds of light can cause specific changes within the body.

When we go out in the sun, a specific frequency of light causes our body to make Vitamin D.  Another specific frequency of light (UV) causes the body to produce melanin, the chemical that gives us a suntan.

The patented technology is bassed on this same scientific principle called photobiomodulation.

Instead of an active light source such as a laser or lamp, a wearable patch reflects very specific wavelengths of light to the skin. The nerves on the skin are stimulated by these specific wavelengths of light, and this triggers a very specific chemical reaction in the body. Because there are no drugs or supplements involved, these patchess go to work immediately.

The X39 patch is designed to elevate the GHK-Cu (copper peptide). GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that declines with age. In fact, after the age of 60, your levels of GHK-Cu have dropped by more than 60%.

The elevated GHK-Cu peptide activates our own stem cells. GHK-Cu peptide has many other benefits.

✓ The use of stem cells to treat human diseases is now termed “regenerative medicine.” 

✓ In adults, stem cells serve as the body’s repair system. Stem cells possess the capability of dividing to replenish themselves. 

✓ When GHK-Cu is elevated, it resets the genes in the body to a younger, healthier state. 

✓ After using X39 for only 6 weeks, the vascular system behaves as if it were over 2 months younger!



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Peggy's Story

Peggy is an active tennis player. But summers in Southwest Florida got so blisteringly hot and she'd be so exhausted after playing that she could barely function the rest of the day. She was going to give up tennis for the summer.

Originally Peggy was introduced to patches that enhance energy which had been tested with Standford's swim team and 8 out of 10 members broke their own record.  Originally the energy patches were developed for Navy Seals so they could have more energy without any drugs or side effects.

WOWZA.  What a difference!  She cruised with great athleticism through  tennis matches. So she believed in the products and added the patches that regenerate stem cells by activating a copper peptide GHK-cu. She also put them on her husband. Patrick who had been having trouble sleeping. Within two nights, he slept like a baby and his aches and pains diminished.

He has also suffered numbness in his feet for 25 years. After 8 months of using this technology, he was astonished that he has feeling in his toes.  He told Peggy: "I have to admit I'm your biggest skeptic but this is amazing."

And Sealfon hadn't played competitive singles tennis in 15 years but she decided to enter a tournament.  She ended up with a rank of 12 in Florida in Singles 55+

More recently, she did comprehensive blood tests in January 2024--110 biomarkers.  The results revealed her biological age as 12 years younger than her calendar age!

Peggy says: 

"The reality is: we can change the
trajectory of aging today


You can experience benefits at any age!  

Sealfon admits "I've felt so much more capable and focused in everything I do."




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