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Clients Around the World

I have used Peggy's services for years. I have found her work to be extremely cutting edge. I have gotten immediate personal results from her teaching and would recommend anyone looking for stress release education to contact her.
-- Larry Sloven, President/CEO Capstone International HK Ltd, Hong Kong

After recommending Peggy to my supervisor, she was hired to provide a very successful course of stress busting and relaxation training to our entire staff. Many, skeptical at first, came around to embrace and realize tremendous benefit from, Peggy's professional and thoroughly enjoyable training!
Stephen R. Wheeler, Vice President of Development Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida

Peggy offers programs that improve productivity, team work and focus by teaching people how to manage their stress, improve their health, and incorporate a positive, energetic approach to life and work. Every company should consider using her techniques, which are simple but powerful once you understand how to apply them.
Roger Zlotoff, President, Uniprop, Birmingham, Michigan

Peggy is crackling with vitality, intelligence and warmth. Everything she approaches is done with grace and poise and A++ standards. She truly lives life to the fullest and draws in everyone around her. It is a privilege to be in her aura.
– Connie Bransilver, Producer of Documentary & Partner at Guardians of the Everglades, Inc.

Peggy is an open hearted, consciously aware and awake woman…dedicated to helping others in their spiritual paths. She walks with integrity and honesty in a way that inspires others to do the same. I highly recommend her.
– Joanna Salerno, Educator at Sunstate Academy

…Very knowledgeable about living a healthy life… I highly recommend Peggy.
Ching Schueddig, Arbonne

Peggy is extraordinary. She has effectively changed my approach to health and living which has had a major impact on my personal productivity and results. Her wellness techniques and personal caring have improved team dynamics at home and in my organization. I am a better person by knowing her and trust her and the creative products and services she offers. She authentically cares. She has a plethora of tools in her tool box!
– Richard Federman, Strategist & Executive Coach

Your program has really helped me a lot. I listen to your voice and get energy from the audio, especially in the middle of the night when I have trouble sleeping. I’m in a lot better space than I was two months ago. Things are going well…I will highly recommend you.
– Gregory A. Collins, PT


"Peggy's practical approach to managing stress is easy to adapt and life-changing. Her tools and approach can help anyone who wants to better navigate stressful situations, make decisions that reflect personal values, and, ultimately, create a more authentic life."   -- Stephanie M.

"Peggy is one of those rare cases where professionalism meets wise intuition. Her impressive background as a business woman and extensive studies in holistic healthcombined with a sensible and spiritual view of our human naturegives her clients an effective set of tools to unstuck themselves from any crisis. I love Peggy for following her passionassisting others in making their lives more enjoyable."  -- Marilu H.

"Peggy supported me in removing layers of dust to let my brilliance shine through. Peggy has the perfect combination of coaching skills laced with wisdom and love. She designed a coaching program custom for me with calls and email support. Grateful for Peggy." – Jill C.

"Peggy Sealfon extends a warm, caring, intelligent approach to those seeking solutions to navigate this Life a little easier. Her profound insight always delivers easily workable advice to move forward with or the much needed "Aha" moment....!" – Elaine S.