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You'll take a giant leap by making a promise to work on yourself with the direct support and guidance of world-renowned coaching expert Peggy Sealfon. Real change takes a minimum of 21 days to impact new sustainable personal growth and influence positive habits. To fast-track results, opt for the one-month plan which gives you high-intensity support to kick-start your transformation. The two-month plan provides similar results delivered over a longer period so that the day-to-day time commitment is less imposing. The three-month plan provides the most sustainable long-term approach with greater reinforcement. With this expanded, longer program, you'll tackle multiple challenges for a more beneficial experience. Your plan is very specifically created for you. 


In the first session, we'll identify your concerns and issues. Based on a pre-assessment form, we'll evaluate where you are and what is most troubling for you. It may be aspects of:



Financial Issues 



Life Changes and Transitions


Your plan includes coaching to guide you into a life of balance and harmony. You'll learn a blend of techniques from Western and Eastern traditions; which may be from modern psychology, functional medicine and the neurosciences to energy medicine and ancient wisdom teachings of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.  Peggy works with you to create the strongest program that you can do in just minutes a day. 


Based on your personalized Integrated Life Plan, your practice launches.  Peggy trains you in how to effortlessly incorporate powerful techniques into your life, how to dismantle reactive behaviors,  to progress without fear or judgment, and to monitor your personal progress. 


The key element is the consistent and regular coaching help every week. This approach lets you to address any setbacks in real time. This gives you a quicker understanding of how to use the tools you are practicing and to develop more rapid and sustainable success.


After completing the program, you'll have an opportunity to boost your success with ongoing Laser Sessions whenever you feel the need.  These are targeted 10 to 15-minute phone sessions. Some clients use them once a month; others once a week. 

Peggy accepts only a limited number of Integrated Life clients per month. If slots have already been filled, she will offer you the next possible opening or you may opt to have a full refund.  If the cost is prohibitive for you, scholarships are available. 

More INFO and  COSTS

Choose from one, two or three-month programs using either the one-payment (for savings!) or weekly payments to manage your budgeting better. For a full list of rates, please email Info@StonewaterStudio.com and put RATES in the subject line. To request information about scholarships, email your interest to:Info@Stonewaterstudio.com  Please put LIFE PLAN in the Subject Line.