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Live Younger

Activate Your Stem Cells

I've been impressed with this remarkable phototherapy technology, its efficacy and affordability. I've also been impressed with the inventor David Schmidt and the LifeWave company with evidence-based clinical trials that support the products.  Please watch the video.

As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to support wellness and health. This would boost vitality in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way. We now can do just that with easy-to-use patches from LifeWave.

I became a brand partner in July of 2021 in order to buy the patches less expensively. Now that I've personally experienced such amazing "youthfulness," (sleeping better, no joint pains, more energized) I want to share the opportunity with the world.  So whether you just wish to use the patches yourself or you wish to develop your own business, 
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The Problem

 By age 50, you have lost over 75% of your stem cell activity

   By age 60, you will have lost 90% stem cell activity

The Fact

 The LESS stem cell activity you have...

 ...the FASTER you age and the slower you heal!

The Solution

 Activate your own stem cells (without painful & expensive injections). You can FEEL, LOOK & LIVE YOUNGER ... even decades younger!  The cost is as little as a cup of coffee a day! 




How I Started

Let me be honest about my experiences. I'm an active tennis player. It is one of my passions.  But summers in Southwest Florida have gotten blisteringly hot (and I've been here for decades) and I'd be sooooo exhausted after playing tennis that I could barely function the rest of the day.  I was going to give up playing tennis for the summer.

A couple of years ago someone had given me a few samples of the stem cell patches but I did not notice anything. Recently I met my friend Rita briefly as she was attending a LifeWave program near where I live.  They laughed when I told them my past experience saying: "Well do you feel your stem cells?" I had to admit: "NO!"  They suggested that I try the Energy Enhancer patches for tennis.  They'd been initially tested with Standford's swim team and every member broke their own record.  Originally they were developed for Navy Seals so they could have more energy without any drugs or side effects.

So I tried the Energy Enhancer patches having low expectations. WOWZA.  What a difference!  I cruised with great athleticism through my tennis matches. I was hooked.  So I added the X39 stem cell patches and put them on Patrick as well.  He'd been having trouble sleeping. Within two nights, he slept like a baby. Now I'm even more hooked.

Patrick has also suffered neuropathy in his feet for 25 years so he has numbness and couldn't feel his toes.  After 8 months of being on the stem cell patches, he is astonished that he now has feeling in his toes.  "I have to admit I'm your biggest skeptic but this is amazing," he told me. 

And I haven't played competitive singles tennis in 15 years but I've been feeling so terrific I decided to enter a tournament.  Check this out:

So I'm now ranked 12 in the State of Florida in Singles 55+ and am 76 nationally!!! singles_tennis_ranking.jpg

I want to scream the benefits from the rooftops. I'm grateful to have this technology available to us NOW!


Read the clinical studies

Unless clinical trials show specific efficacy, Lifewave will not make claims!
Evidence-based outcomes are shown.

Uses NO drugs, chemicals or stimulants!!!



 Activate your stem cells!

Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity

More energy and better sleep – must be experienced to be believed

Supports natural wound healing process and relief of minor aches and pains. 


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Experience benefits at any age!  In fact, pets can benefit as well.

So here's my dog tale:


I take care of my friend's 13-year-old King Cavalier Spaniel while she travels (which is a lot). Like many older Cavaliers, Hucky has a heart condition and is on multiple medications. Recently he began coughing badly especially at night, a sign his condition is worsening. I was getting seriously concerned (and he was keeping me awake). So, I patched him with x39 and x49. I put them inside a scarf around his neck. That night he did not cough once. I was blown away that the patches could be so instantly effective. So he's now on a steady patching regime and we're hopeful these will extend his life. So far so good!



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