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With a breakthrough technology



This technology harnesses your body’s natural, restorative energy and enhances your ability to live well. 

"I've been impressed with this remarkable technology, its efficacy and affordability. I've also been impressed with the inventor and the company with evidence-based clinical trials that support the products," says Peggy Sealfon, Personal Development Coach, Doctorate/PhD candidate in Natural Medicine.   

"As we age, our cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could regenerate our cells and reset them to support wellness and health. This would boost vitality in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way. We now can do just that!

"I became a brand partner in July of 2021 in order to buy the patches wholesale. Now that I've personally experienced such amazing "youthfulness," (sleeping better, no joint pains, more energized) I want to share the opportunity with the world. 

"So whether you just wish to try the technology for yourself or you wish to develop your own business, please fill out the form below and include the name of the person who sent you to this page!"



Do you know about stem cells?

The Problem

 By age 50, you have lost over 75% of your stem cell activity

   By age 60, you will have lost 90% stem cell activity

The Fact

 The LESS stem cell activity you have...

 ...the FASTER you age and the slower you heal!

The Solution

 Now you can FEEL, LOOK & LIVE YOUNGER ... even decades younger!  The cost is as little as a cup of coffee a day! 


Peggy's  Experience

"I've been using the technology every day for over two years. 

I was awed when my recent, comprehensive blood test panel showed my age as 12 years YOUNGER!!!


I feel as if we are living in the future. The reality is, we can change the trajectory of aging today!"




Read the science

Evidence-based outcomes

Uses NO drugs, chemicals or stimulants!!!



 Feel Younger

Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide which activates whole body wellness.

More energy and better sleep – must be experienced to be believed

Supports natural wound healing process and relief 

of minor aches and pains, and more.


Mental clarity improves.



How Peggy Started

Peggy is an active tennis player. But summers in Southwest Florida have gotten blisteringly hot that she'd be sooooo exhausted after playing that she could barely function the rest of the day. She was going to give up tennis for the summer.

Originally Peggy was introduced to patches that enhance energy which had been tested with Standford's swim team and every member broke their own record.  Originally they were developed for Navy Seals so they could have more energy without any drugs or side effects.

WOWZA.  What a difference!  She cruised with great athleticism through  tennis matches. So she believed in the products and added the patches that regenerate cells by activating a copper peptide GHK-cu. She also put them on her husband. Patrick had been having trouble sleeping. Within two nights, he slept like a baby and his aches and pains diminished.

He has also suffered numbness in his feet for 25 years. After 8 months of using this technology, he is astonished that he has feeling in his toes.  He told Peggy: "I have to admit I'm your biggest skeptic but this is amazing."

And Sealfon hadn't played competitive singles tennis in 15 years but she decided to enter a tournament.  

In 2022, in her 70s, she reached the rank of 12 in Florida in Singles 55+  singles_tennis_ranking.jpg

You can experience benefits at any age!  

Sealfon admits "I've felt so much more capable and focused that 

I'm now working on my Doctorate/PhD in Natural Medicine!

Never too old to stop learning.

But before this technology, I doubt I would have chosen this program!"

Pets can benefit as well.



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You can reverse aging!