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The first online workshop  is 



"Feel fitter, healthier, and lighter in only 14 days"




This is an online workshop that will help you kick start


a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  It will give you powerful insights and techniques to 


integrate mind and body for better health, performance, and well-being. 


You'll experience:


1.  How to mindfully make healthier lifestyle choices


2. How to use your mind to affect positive change in your body


3. A day-by-day "weight loss" food strategy program that will give you more vitality and energy (with recipes)


4. Stress-reducing techniques to improve overall well-being (and stop emotional eating)


5. Simple exercise routines to get you energized and motivated


6. A special technique in integrative relaxation created specifically for weight loss


7. A private Facebook group to keep you motivated, connected and inspired


8. Access to full email interaction directly with Peggy with any questions or concerns



Interested in more information about this upcoming workshop?


Email me and put "YES" in the subject line.







Peggy_on_rocks_2019.jpgABOUT PEGGY SEALFON 

I work with corporate groups and individuals guiding them with care and compassion to improvements in work-life balance, health, relationships, public speaking/communication, life purpose, and/or spirituality to supercharge their lives. I do hundreds of workshops and classes virtually and in-person all over the United States.

I’m a personal development coach, award-winning author, motivational speaker, podcaster, and internationally recognized as an expert in “mental wellness” through effective practices to reduce stress and anxiety. My work is based on an integrated blend of approaches from extensive trainings with world masters in western and eastern traditions. These include functional medicine/nutrition, psychology, EFT, HeartMath, neurosciences, yoga, integrative relaxation, qigong, meditation, mindfulness, and energy medicine. I’m passionate about wellness and with the diversity of my background as a New York Times journalist and business entrepreneur (I have a PhD in reinventing myself!), I can meet people where they are and help them improve lifestyle skills.  To me, Mind and Body Fitness is the key to everything being aligned in life!!!  I can show you how!