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Awakening   A Novel


by Peggy Sealfon 



What if you woke up at age 45 questioning if you’ve lived your life all wrong? 


Rendered unconscious from a motorcycle accident in Southwest Florida, Robin Stevens awakens to realize she’s repressed her past and is living life recklessly and unhappily.  Her journey becomes a profound search for answers, figuring out who she truly is and, along the way, uncovering secrets of life, friendship and love.


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“As a motivator and international coach, I’m thrilled to read an inspiring novel that offers a captivating page-turning fictional escape that delivers ‘real' tangible strategies for finding the path to a happy life.

--Mary Morrissey 
 International Personal Development Coach,
Creator of DreamBuilder



"A compelling psychological-spiritual story that subtly conveys the author's extensive trainings with renowned masters in eastern and western traditions. This book inspires the reader to want to embrace a more positive mindset and through Robin's painful journey learns how. A must read!"
--Jim Britt, 
Renowned Success Strategist, #1 International Best-Selling Author




Sealfon delivers a captivating journey that resonates with the age old question, “What is life all about?” Part adventure part inspiration, the story weaves from past to present in the life of former New Yorker Robin Stevens, and shares insights for enjoying life more openly. The rich, descriptive writing gives the reader a feeling of being in each experience, physically and emotionally.  
–Lee David Zlotoff

Creator of MacGyver and co-author of The MacGyver Secret




"I've been on a reading binge lately reading many of the best sellers...Peggy’s book is up there with most of them in her character descriptions, rich detail both physically and emotionally, and she has a great eye and appreciation for the environment... I liked Robin [the main character] and was interested to see how she made the most of her journey.  I also liked the emphasis on
the power of friendship..."
Nancy MacDonald





"I am enjoying Awakening. The details are so exact. I can picture them in my mind. I feel that the author is talking to me...
A perfect book club read."
Linda Mlacak




"I have never read a prepublication first novel before! It was great fun and a delightful read. The interweaving of women's lives and friendships and the ongoing impact of childhood experiences is always fascinating. Our ability to reassess and resolve (re-solve) those experiences is explored in Awakening in a fun read with deep meaning.
A lovely interweaving of truth and fiction.
Rita Losee, ScD, RN 




"This book absolutely amazing! You can tell that the author has a background in psychology and brings this knowledge perfectly into the story line and the characters. This book is definitely very relatable, breathtaking and an easy read. I loved every word of it. It's just straight out of life and wrapped up in a great novel. Great job Peggy Sealfon!"
MJ Wagner 








I wondered why the universe sent me a broken arm and surgery. Then I found out. Here's the back story of how I came to write Awakening.






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Novelist Peggy Sealfon talks about AWAKENING

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