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Live Younger--Reverse Aging             

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Transform. Restore. Connect to your talents.  

Learn from an internationally-known coach who blends ancient wisdom with modern science.

Are you exhausted? Overwhelmed? Anxious about the future? Tough times require wildly effective skills to navigate successfully and have more vitality, energy, productivity, and well-being!

The Mind Body Fitness for Life programs deliver transformational tools and training in developing healthy daily habits to sustainably change your life.

When you master your mind and body, you can manifest miracles and magic!  Life can feel effortless as you intentionally access the "zone."  Learn cutting-edge strategies to supercharge your life! 

Listen to details
about Mind Body Fitness for Life
and how you can benefit.


Learn key skills to sharpen your daily life including:

o How to apply mindfulness every day to balance and manage life's challenges with more ease and confidence.


o How to deal with emotions that get trapped in your body creating imbalances and how to banish anxiety and worries.


o How to improve quality sleep to boost your immune system and your body's abilities to renew and revitalize and benefit mental wellness.


o How to stop the monkey mind with effective ways that reduce stress leading to a more creative, happier state.


o How to fuel your body with better nutrition including food strategies and recipes.


o How to move your body efficiently for more vitality and energy flow.


o How to integrate every part of your life to align mind, body, heart and spirit.

Bring the Mind Body Fitness For Life program to your company.


Create a wellness culture for you and your employees which will

improve productivity and well-being!


Lectures, workshops, or master classes.

Or private one-on-one coaching


Contact us today to discuss details.

Mind Body Fitness For Life


Overcome challenges & adversity.

Improve health, fitness, resilience.

Find your purpose.

Improve your relationships

Learn to live full out with joy.



who puts heart and soul, intuitive talents
and the passion of sharing her expertise into every training.






About Peggy Sealfon


Commit to changing old, non-functional patterns. Get ready for self growth.


Invest in your future. You deserve to live more effortlessly...and happily. 



In a nutshell, the Mind Body Fitness For Life programs can help you:


Improve Focus


Learn how to access more clarity by using techniques that train your brain to a higher level of functioning. This will improve your memory, creativity, and interactions with family, friends, associates!


Get Fit


Tone your body, feel more flexible, lose weight, and enjoy feeling younger and more capable. You'll have a choice of programs for your fitness level.


Sleep better


Acquire a variety of tools that will banish insomnia and allow you to truly feel refreshed and renewed and ready to embrace the day every morning.


Cut the stress 


Instead of feeling frazzled and out of sorts, you'll be empowered to intentionally make good choices, transformational decisions, and experience more joy.

Reach out to discuss options for you or your group.

Contact us today to discuss details.