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Change your Life with a Personalized Recording Made For You


Integrative Relaxation is an ancient yogic practice that is transformational.



Peggy Sealfon creates a unique, personalized 25-minute Yoga Nidra recording for you based on your specific needs.  She is intuitive, caring and guides you into what you need, taking you into deep levels of relaxation where you can release old energies that no longer serve you.  You will feel refreshed, renewed, revitalized and ultimately, with regular use, you'll notice changes in how you approach your life with greater ease and confidence. 
She is
 trained by world master Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai) and certified by the Amrit Yoga Institute in Yoga Nidra.  

Use this recording daily to transform your life.  The recording is yours to use forever!  The cost is: $375.

is a powerful practice. It can help you:

o  Relax and Restore

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Worries

o  Restore Mind and Body integrative

o  Recover more quickly from injury or illness

o  Relieve Insomnia

o  Increase Focus and Concentration

o  Boost Your Immune System

o  Activate Creativity and Problem-Solving

o  Expand your Spiritual Connection

Yoga Nidra came to the west from ancient wisdom eastern teachings. Yoga_Nidra_man_on_yellow_mat.jpgThe practice guides you into very deep levels of integrative relaxation and restoration. 
Just 20 minutes has been shown to be equivalent to three to four hours of deep sleep.




Fill out the form below.  You'll then be directed to a payment link.


Allow one week to receive your personalized recording. It will be delivered in a downloadable digital form.

Once you own it, use it everyday.  Lie down in bed or on a yoga mat and indulge in this meditative journey.  Make it a habit and listen at the same time daily!


If you're not completely satisfied, Peggy will re-record the program for you or you can request a full refund within 10 days after delivery.

Read some of the comments from clients below the form!





"Could not believe how much listening to this recording made a difference for me."  -- Kathy C, London, UK

"I feel so much calmer and able to manage my illness. And I'm getting better."  George R, New York, NY

"I didn't think I could ever feel this good. The Yoga Nidra works." Robin Z,  Baltimore, MD

"I so appreciate Peggy's compassion and her voice is amazing." Toni P, Fort Myers, FL



If you have any questions, please direct them  HERE


Our essential nature is boundless consciousness.  We are rooted in it when the mind focuses and settles.  ~ Yoga Sutras 1.3