Photo of book cover	by Yogi Amrit Desai

Compiled and Edited by Peggy Sealfon 

Powerful Book Explains the Truth of Existence

and How to Be Happy

Internationally-recognized Spiritual Master (Gurudev) Amrit Desai's teachings

guide readers into an effortless way to resolve life's stressful conflicts

in today's chaotic world.

224 pages, 5x8 softcover format

ISBN: 978-0-996366-2-5

Price: $16.95

 Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Iam.yoga or StonewaterStudioBooks.com

Stress, anxiety, depression and human suffering can be solved more easily by awakening an inner dimension.  Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone illuminates a direct route to find sustainable relief and connect to an expansive reality.

 "Gurudev's breakthrough approach, passed down through his lineage, is far more adaptable and accessible for anyone to activate rapid personal change in today's tumultuous lifestyles than anything currently available," says Peggy Sealfon, who compiled and edited the book. "To enter the Zero Stress Zone, you'll access ancient sacred teachings, demystified and explained in an approachable way so they can be applied practically in everyday life."  Once you learn how to connect to the source within, you can enter the Zone regardless of where you are, what you are doing, or whom you are with.  When you cultivate the consciousness--the source of everything you do--you are empowered and your world changes in miraculous ways.  This book tells all.  When you understand the truth of existence, you'll know how to live life fully.