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After years of interviewing the most elite thinkers, thought leaders and change agents in the world, in my personal opinion, Peggy Sealfon is the unequivocal Stress and Anxiety Coach! Her book, Escape from Stress and Anxiety is the blueprint for training one's mind to permanently alleviate the dysfunction and psychological maladies caused by stress and anxiety. She is my personal guru on the subject and I highly recommend that she be yours as well!

-- Philippe SHOCK Matthews (Host: The Philippe Matthews Show LIVE -



Watch the comprehensive 3-part series of interviews with Peggy Sealfon on the Philippe Matthews Show

(Philippe is considered the Oprah of the Internet!)



Part I
Peggy talks about the difference betrween stress and anxiety and how to determine if you're "normal." 
She discusses ways to resolve chronic issues and even provides a simple technique that she has Philippe do on air.
She talks about weight, sex and even sleep problems and ways you can resolve these.

Part 2
Peggy talks about anxiety and relationships. 
She discusses the importance of self-development and resilience and how to cultivate these.  

Part 3
Peggy covers the topic of energy medicine and brain plasticity. She talks about how to interrupt pain with unique methods. 

"ALL of the modalities I share work on the "energy" system bringing it into balance for mind-body wellbeing and more optimized performance. Some techniques resonate with certain people better than others and, at the end of the day, the key is practicing and finding the right tools that can be assimilated into everyday life regardless of challenges that exist.  That's what I help clients do!”--Peggy Sealfon


Global TV & Radio with Dr. Ravi Chandran
>>Click Here>>




"Fresh Start" with Amy Leigh Mercree
Secrets of Stress Techniques





 Pictured: Ed Tyll and Peggy Sealfon

 The Ed Tyll Show
Nationally-syndicated radio show

Peggy made her 3rd appearance during the holiday season
on December 21, 2016. Ed--in his usual cutting-edge style--started by
asking about dealing with holiday stress and crabby Uncle Joe
and quickly turned discussions to panic attacks, mind-body alignment,
spirituality and asking how can ANYONE access the way to 
supercharging their life!  Here's the recording:

 To listen, click on the arrow!

 Consciously Speaking with Michael Neeley

1st Interview a very probing and thought-provoking show -- iTunes:

2nd Interview on Being Your Authentic Self--Living Life Fearlessly 


Thomas Recher's radio show and listen to advice from
featured guest Stress and Anxiety Expert Peggy Sealfon.
Topic is "Goodbye Anxiety Hello Purpose


Dr. Mamie Smith on Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio
How Peggy Sealfon's own adversity led her
to becoming an expert in stress and anxiety. 
Why mankind is suffering anxiety and what to do about it.
 Read more
Listen in HERE


CANCER SOS with Joni Aldrich and  (simulcast or access recorded show)
Peggy Sealfon discusses how stress can exacerbate cancer, what to do
and how to dismantle anxiety and heal or prevent cancer. Also what caregivers
can do to reduce their stress levels, and more.

Bob Harden Show with Peggy Sealfon talking about Anxiety & Brain Plasticity
May 22, 2015



Bob Harden's Radio Show with Peggy Sealfon
talking about Resiliency & Happiness    
July 1, 2015           


Bob Harden's Radio Show with Peggy Sealfon
talking about Anxiety and Pain.
June 10, 2015

Bob Harden's Radio Show with Peggy Sealfon
talking about Neuroplasticity & How to Change Habits
July 9, 2015          

Bob Harden Show November 6, 2017
Talking about readying for the holidays & my 7 Day Food Strategy Program


Anxiety and Stress
affect decision-making and can impact ethical decisions. Listen in to Phyllis Wilson's radio show with guest Peggy Sealfon
"Do The Right Thing>>CLICK HERE>> 
or on the arrow below.


Peggy Sealfon teaches stress-reducing techiques to corporate groups, break-out sessions and organizations.  

She offers a plethora of  motivational topics as a keynote speaker at events.
Read about her topics here.
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