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Book Peggy for Your Next Event 

  Photo of author speaking

and Watch Your Attendees Achieve New Levels 

of Enthusiasm, Motivation and Passion

 Mental Health Expert

There’s just something about seeing Peggy’s positive energy light up a room.


People who attend are less distracted and become totally engaged in her message.


You’ll notice it right away, as she gets everyone involved and creates a sense of urgency and inspiration in every word.


Your attendees will walk out of the room with a spring in their step and a renewed focus on what really matters.

Peggy speaks about:

Health and Wellness

*Mind Body Fitness

Overcoming Fears/Anxiety

Life Balance & Life Hacks

Wellness Travel

Mental Wellness

Workplace Performance and Productivity

*Public Speaking Excellence

Personal Development

*Mindfulness - Meditation

Energy Medicine & Age Reversal


Stress and Time Management

Breakthrough Technologies

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Peggy Sealfon gives keynote at national conference
for over 200 CEOs


Photo of power point presentation


You can choose from any of these topics or
Peggy can work with you to create your own program:

3Mind Body Fitness.jpg

Mind Body Fitness for Life

Mastering Your Mind. Mastering Your Body

In today's world of stress and uncertainty, this presentation provides real coping skills for overcoming adversity, managing stress and anxiety, exhaustion, sleep issues, food strategies for better performance, quieting the mind, and more. Attendees learn techniques to build confidence, resilience, vitality, energy and improve productivity and well-being in every part of life. Past participants raved, calling the program "impactful," exactly what I needed," a felt sense of peace and relaxation so deep and profound," beneficial for many reasons, including the part on nutrition."  

Through Peggy's extensive trainings with world masters in eastern and western traditions, this program is a strategic blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. 

Available as a keynote, break-out session or workshop.

A more expansive option is the 14-Day Challenge of Mind Body Fitness for Life.  Over a period of two weeks, participants will feel younger, fitter and lighter through the carefully orchestrated guide of daily activities (which take less than an hour) that address food strategies, movement, rest/restoration, mindfulness, and more. Read more.





3 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Life--
Cutting Edge Approach to 
Time & Stress Management

Time and stress are partners in crime, insidiously working hand in hand to steal your focus
and drain your energy.  Learn to be happier and healthier;
redeuce stress/anxiety and have more energy and vitality.

Peggy will show your audience:

How to actually expand time

How to tap into the time and stress management secrets of the most successful CEOs

How to unlock the science behind the stress response so you can avoid dysfunction and even disease.

Your audience will engage in fun interactive exercises and will walk away with powerful solutions to amp up productivity, performance and well being.



How to Cultivate Authentic Success

Work life balance is everything! When you have it, things just seem to click in every aspect of life. 

But when you’re out of balance it can have the opposite effect, with wasted time and energy, low motivation and a slippery slope to failure.

In this presentation your audience will discover: 

How to practice life consciously, cultivating a divine expansiveness of infinite possibilities. 

Pragmatic, practical, simple techniques in movement and mindfulness 

How to achieve a renewed awareness of the present moment. An inside look at life hacks including: movement, nutrition, rest/restoration. Work life balance soon follows! 

This dynamic presentation includes interactive experiences for powerful engagement (and can be experienced seated conference-style)!



Public Speaking Excellence--
Overcoming the #1 Fear

So many people fear public speaking, but if they only could harness this skill and conquer the fear it could be a career game changer.

If you freeze in front of an audience-- palms sweating, voice cracking—then this program is for you.  

Peggy used to be terrified of public speaking and now she's a successful professional speaker.
She will share with your audience:

The skills, insights and training to build confidence and
overcome that dreaded public speaking fear.  

How to master your inner voice

How to deliver more riveting presentations with ease 

This is offered as a keynote or breakout session.



Live Fearlessly and Be Your Best Self

(Expanding the Work Mindset)

Releasing drama, conflict and fears takes courage. 

When you face what is in front of you squarely, you discover the truth held in your heart and are empowered to act upon it. 

When you know how to replace fear with love and activate the compassionate side of our humanity, you’ll reach unprecedented levels of acceptance and understanding.  

When you play a role in reducing conflict in the world, your inner conflicts follow suit, resulting in refreshing harmony and peace. 

*Add in personal balance by developing your integrated life plan of basic human needs and you have a winning formula for well being.

Peggy will show your audience how to make this possible and
create a paradigm shift in corporate culture.

It’s a beautiful thing!



Stress and Anxiety--A New Understanding Shattering Old Beliefs (To Improve Productivity)

Breakthroughs in the neurosciences have revealed how we can change debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. 

This presentation demonstrates:

How harmful cycles impact our productivity and wreak havoc on both our bottom line and our well-being

How to interrupt destructive habits to become happier and healthier

How to tap into our greatest resource--our expansive personal capacity to deliver more of ourselves to every situation

Your audience will discover proven techniques that can dramatically impact positive change in the work environment.



Energy Medicine--The New Frontier
for Self Healing

Energy medicine used to be a fringe topic, but it has gone mainstream
in recent years because it’s so effective.

Peggy’s talk focuses on powerful ways we can heal ourselves through such modalities as:

Sound therapies


Bioenergetic therapies

* NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

EFT (emotional freedom techniques, or “Tapping”)

Reiki/Reconnective Healing

...and much more! 

Peggy highlights modalities based on energy stimulation of cells.  These integrative techniques turn on certain networks and can interrupt patterns of distress, disease and pain. 

Neurostimulation can come from sources including light, sound,
electricity, vibration, movement and thought.  

Fasten your seat belts and feel catapulted into the future by this powerful presentation!

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Talk About Healthy Living


Get to Know Peggy Sealfon



Peggy Sealfon  is on a mission to facilitate change, awaken personal balance, and empower others through an expansive understanding of our world. She guides others to develop mind body fitness for life achieving the best version of themselves to be healthier, happier and supercharge their lives. Peggy is intuitive and enthusiastic and inspires others to reach higher levels of physical, mental and emotional wellness.

An internationally-recognized personal development coach and board certified health coach, Peggy is recognized as an expert on dealing with stress and anxiety, especially as related to wellness.  She is trained by world masters in eastern and western traditions so her work is a powerful blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. She passionately shares infinite possibilities with audiences.  She is also an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and podcaster of Talk About Healthy Living.


Her trainings include: functional medicine/nutrition, pscyhology, EFT, HeartMath, life coaching, neurosciences, yoga, integrative relaxation/yoga nidra, qigong, meditation, mindfulness, ho'oponopono, crystal medicine, energy medicine.

Peggy's best-selling non-fiction book is Escape From Anxiety--Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z.  She also published Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone, the teachings of spiritual master Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai). 

As an entrepreneur (with a PhD in re-inventing herself!), Peggy owned a successful advertising agency/public relations firm where she exhibited her keen talents as a skilled marketer.  Prior to moving to Southwest Florida, she was a noted journalist based in New York City where she regularly contributed to the New York Times, Newsweek International, and other publications.

More recently, Peggy has developed wellness products and represents ones that enhance the lives of her clients such as an amazing new technology that activates stem cells

Peggy has spoken at hundreds of events including the International Conference for the United States Professional Tennis Association. She is an avid tennis competitor and golfer. She offers sports performance workshops teaching students how to access the "zone" intentionally.

Peggy continues to teach workshops, classes and lecture offering transformational skills to improve health, wellbeing and performance. Programs are available in-person and virtually.



"Peggy is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who delivers inspiring, informationative and motivational messages. Her presentations are riveting
and she leaves audiences awakened and empowered."
R.Z, CEO, Tempe, AZ

"Peggy is crackling with vitality, intelligence and warmth. Everything she approaches is done with grace and poise and A++ standards.
--C.B., Naples, FL

"Thank you for speaking at our event.  We are receiving lots of kudos."
--K.L., Fifth Third Bank South Florida SVP



Fun Fact About Peggy

She rode a motorcycle across the entire U.S. and Canada TWICE!  The first time she had just graduated from New York University and spent two months traveling 12,000 miles.  The second time she ran her advertising agency with a cellphone and laptop while she traveled 15,000 miles reaching the farthest point Tofino on the west coast of Victoria Island.  (There's a revealing picture on the bookshelf below.)

Peggy speaking to PRSA Group at the Hilton Naples
on Public Speaking Excellence