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Peggy_panelist_at_Ritz_Carlton_DSCA_Symposium.jpg    Mental Health Expert

                                                                                          Panelist at DSCA Symposium at Ritz Carlton
                                                                                    Peggy's Topic: Anti-Aging Strategies for Brain Health 

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Overcoming Fears/Anxiety      *       Health & Wellness

Image/Self Esteem      *      Life Balance      *      Mental Health

Workplace Performance & Productivity     

 Personal Development   *   Energy Medicine

Spirituality      *      Stress & Time Management      *      Vision-Purpose

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Peggy Sealfon gives keynote at national conference
for Afflink 2017



"Peggy is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who delivers inspiring, informationative and motivational messages. Her presentations are riveting
and she leaves audiences awakened and empowered."
R.Z, CEO, Tempe, AZ

"Peggy is crackling with vitality, intelligence and warmth. Everything she approaches is done with grace and poise and A++ standards.
--C.B., Naples, FL

"Thank you for speaking at our event.  We are receiving lots of kudos."
--K.L., Fifth Third Bank South Florida SVP

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Peggy's Favorite Topics


Time for Empowerment--Cutting Edge Approach to
Time & Stress Management


Learn the secrets of expanding time and what some of the most outrageously successful CEOs in the country use. Discover the science behind the stress response and how it can cause dysfunction and result in mega costs for companies in health care, absenteeism and retention challenges.  Find out simple solutions to amp up productivity, performance and well-being  by activating the zero stress zone on command. Includes interactive experiences.


 How To Cultivate Authentic Success
(and not be edgy on the edge!)

This topic addresses
work-life balance. When mindless and unbalanced, we waste our energies and live in frazzled disturbances.  When we practice life consciously, we cultivate a divine expansiveness of infinite possibilities. This presentation motivates the audience using simple techniques in movement and mindfulness to achieve awareness and presentness. It includes interactive experiences for powerful engagement (and can be experienced seated conference-style)!


Public Speaking Excellence--Overcoming the #1 Fear

If you freeze in front of an audience-- palms sweating, voice cracking--this program is for you.  Learn skills, insights and training to build confidence and overcome fears.  Learn to master your inner voice to deliver more riveting presentations. This is offered as a keynote or breakout session.



Live Fearlessly and Supercharge Your Life
(Expanding the Work Mindset)

Releasing drama, conflict and fears takes courage. When you face what is in front of you squarely, you discover the truth held in your heart and are empowered to act upon it. Learn how to replace fear with love and activate the compassionate side of our humanity.  Doing so cultivates acceptance and understanding.  Conflict in the global world and within our own personal universe vaporzies.  Harmony and peace ensue. Find out how to make this possible and create a paradigm shift in corporate culture.



Stress and Anxiety--A New Understanding Shattering Old Beliefs (To Improve Productivity)

Breakthroughs in the neurosciences have revealed how we can change debilitating effects of stress and anxiety. This presentation demonstrates how harmful cycles impact our productivity significantly taking a toll on our bottom lines and our well-being (including absenteeism and presenteeism). Peggy discusses how to  interrupt destructive habits to become happier,  healthier and tap into our greatest resource--our  expansive personal capacity to deliver more of ourselves to every situation. She delivers techniques that can dramatically impact positive change in the work environment.



Energy Medicine--The New Frontier for Self Healing

This provocative talk focuses on "new" ways we can heal ourselves through such modalities as sound therapies, yoga/meditation/prayer, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), Reiki/Reconnective Healing, and much more. Peggy highlights modalities based on energy stimulation of brain cells.  These integrative techniques turn on certain networks and can interrupt patterns of distress, disease and pain. Neurostimulation can come from sources including light, sound, electricity, vibration, movement and thought.  Fasten your seat belts and feel catapulted into the future by this powerful presentation!

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About Peggy
Personal Development Coach, Wellness Specialist, Speaker, Author, and former Journalist from New York City, Peggy Sealfon shares a plethora of inspirational experiences with her audiences. She spends her time motivating people in overcoming life’s big and small frustrations and challenges.  She’s had her personal share of trials which motivated her to become certified in a variety of life-changing modalities from ancient yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality to training in modern psychology, energy medicine, nutrition, and the neurosciences. She left a successful advertising agency to focus on assisting others through trauma, stress, anxiety and physical pain and help influence positive change within the corporate culture. Her highly effective Stress Buster System and her Integrated Life Personal Coaching System have been adapted by many individuals and companies throughout the United States.  She owns Stonewater Studio, a natural way to health and wellness.  Her book Escape From Anxiety—Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and select bookstores.    She is also co-author of The Change-Insights into Self Empowerment (the largest personal development book series in the world with Tony Robbins' former mentor Jim Britt and others). She is originally from New York City and is now based in Southwest Florida. 

Fun Fact About Peggy
She rode a motorcycle across the entire U.S. and Canada TWICE!  The first time she had just graduated from New York University and spent two months traveling 12,000 miles.  The second time she ran her advertising agency with a cellphone and laptop while she traveled 15,000 miles reaching the farthest point Tofino on the west coast of Victoria Island.  (There's a revealing picture on the bookshelf below.)

Peggy speaking to PRSA Group at the Hilton Naples
on Public Speaking Excellence 



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